Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars

by Svolder

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Introduction (1:48)
The Hadith of Gabriel (7:09)
Deviant Rituals of the Sand Orphan (4:55)
Ibrahim's Vile Swine (4:53)
The Sunni Whore (4:26)
Practices of the Orthodox (7:27)
Armageddon Befalls the Ummah (6:00)
Relenting of the Westerner (7:04)


released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Svolder Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: The Hadith of Gabriel
In the primitive shelter, its paltry doors flapping in the wind
Six men, dense to reason, devise a laughable scheme
Twisted tales, blatant acts of semitic plagiary
Six articles of purgery, so uncleverly conceived

Transparent lies,
They must believe
Infallible words of illiteracy

With unscathed eyes
Thee shall not see,
See not through the gates of submission, barred into dysentery

In their forgery, robed men claim the throne of divinity
Six men, dense to reason, devise a laughable scheme
Twisted tales, tales of pedophilia and mysogeny
Six articles of slavery, so uncleverly conceived

Arab theft of identity
fascist doctrines of the theocracy
Unheard foul prayers
Sakahs given to thieves
Meant to starve on Ramadan,
May they choke on sand on the pilgrim journey

Bestown is the unsacred creation
Disguising tyranny
Imposing upon animals
Absent wits incapable of perception

Laughing, in foresight
Creations begin
Simplistic conjurings

Ailed by his prophecies
Wrought by the orphan's hand
Shackled by divinity
Altering the lies of the Qur'an

To qualm the toll of the centuries, are the perversions of faith
Sensory aversion begets the art of plagiary
Set to deceive, unsubstantiated tales of the prophet are told

Wrought with disease
Symbol of disgrace
She bears the forlorn children from her cloaked loins
Doomed to Failure,
Fraily cast in a haste
Objects contrived by primitive minds
Track Name: Deviant Rituals of the Sand Orphan
Screams of ecstacy shake the chamber
Where young seed is spilled
Thrust upon the altar of Abu Talib
Rapist of adolescent boys

His calloused member
Swollen in childly lust
Prolapsing the bleeding asshole of false-prophet Muhammad

Adorned in rags, the old man peruses the orphanage
Day by day, abducting the young for Arab rituals

What a ruckus was made
As he plead for dismay
Sacred pulsations
Unto him came praise

Where did the prophecies predict such a sadistic orgy?
Familial flesh - destination of his lust for sodomy,
He, the receptacle of unsacred cum

Crushing the lies of Islam, to present a forgotten hadith
Lost to the scribes of the sand
Renounced with persistence
Track Name: Ibrahim's Vile Swine
Plagues of pilgrims
Guided by foolish instinct
Flock to the stench of excrement
To kiss soiled ground

Infecting swine flock to the fecal shrine
Allah, the divine falters yet again

In herds, wandering
the meaningless journey
Blind submission to the Five Pillars of Islam

Infecting swine flock to the fecal shrine
Allah, the Divine falters yet again

The Hajj, they undertake
Seven days, they rotate
To mock the breadth of the sun
Reverence to the dead vile orphan

Purgery of the scars of sin
Absence from the holy Arab land
Subterfuge in the west begins
Expansion of the Ummah thwarted by The Resistance

Curse to thee, Allah
Servant to the throne of Iblis
Curse to thee, Allah
Satan's tainted Whore
Track Name: The Sunni Whore
Lifting of the fourth finger
As she receives
Flawed laws of the Sunnah, to believe

Not a problem has she - the Sunni Whore
As she sucks clean in typical Islamic tradition

Unfit is the latter half of her hand for eating
As she tears it from her Islamic asshole
The foul stench permeates the air

Not a worry has she - the Sunni Whore
As she eats with her epidermal toilet paper

Halal offerings,
Best served with the fecal temperings
Islamic seasonings, Sunnah order
Such things, Allah demands

She lacks satisfaction,
Dripping her foul fluids
Screeching at the night air for her heathen masters

Not a hole left has she
The Sunni Whore
As she's ravaged by the throbbing members of the infidels
Track Name: Practices of the Orthodox
"...For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly
He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean"
To perform ablution in the menstrual bath
The unborn abominations plaster the skin of Islamic adherents

Filthy gleaming sweat beads
Placenta lines the rancid flesh
The ceremony goes as planned
He removes his headdress ritually

In a swine trough, the Muslim bathes
Soaking in its dominating stench
To be clean, his duty
To be pure, his need

In euphoria, the servant kneels
Bleeding vermin upon him, carpet-stains on his knees

Flames to your foul Qur'an
Embrace the stench of its burning
As its ripe smoke singes your hair
As its ash corrupts your faithful lungs

With great force,
Living swine are sacrificed
Sacred pigs lay awake
Bleeding, awaiting their consumption

Cloaked, a blank expression worn upon her face
Unseen tears unwillingly wiped away
A fateful choice in gender
Unseen liberties sheltered

Her skull is met with stone
Splintered, fragmented bone
Black blood seeps from solidifying veins
Consumed to draw sustenance

Faggots preach homophobia in dresses
Plain disguises lost on useless brains
Falsehoods constrain the worthless masses
Medieval lies continue their reign
Track Name: Armageddon Befalls the Ummah
Torched is the black cube, once again
Destroyed by the infidel,
Worthless mass is crushed to pieces

Stone the Imam for his blasphemy
Befoul the Islamic property
Bring to ruins the primitive philosophy

Desolate skulls fractured
Smashed and rid of imbecility
Torment the believers - erase the prophet's burden from history

Burning the vaults of unscholarly wisdoms
Imprisoned wretches' screams left unheard
No trace of life escapes from the impenetrable stone curtain

Plumes of smoke billow in the distance
Trapped matter escapes its form
Evaporated from its structure
Poison the atmosphere with the smoke of Islam

One by one, mosques desert the landscape
Shamefully cast away into purging flame
Long awaited: the momentous victory
Crimson flames illuminate the nightsky

Scorching heat melts the thickest of stone
Twisted metal liquidates
It quivers onto reclaimed ground
Crescent and star lie justly defiled

A tear descends the man's face, falling as his culture burns
Panoramic smoke grimacing, it mocks his being
The demoralized hide, bereft of conviction
The notion of Allah erased from his mind
Track Name: Relenting of the Westerner
The trampled soil molested by delinquent hands
Cordially welcomed, Sharia lands
Culpable for the Islamic spectacle
Infections permitted by cowardice

Precarious robed men distribute propaganda
Armed bandits on the street
Their Islamic stench stings the nostrils of the Westerner

Precarious robed men distribute propaganda
Veiled gangsters on the street
Their Islamic lies boil the blood of the Westerner

Multicultural policies
Legislation in the hands of hippies
With monetary dreams, they submit passively
Jihad consumes those who surrender their liberty

Bring to shambles
The backwards land we live in
From inside out
Destroy the fabric of this nation

The mosque, it burns with cathartic glory
Enablers killed along with the Imams
Porous black smoke ends a sickening story
Desecrated ground reclaimed by The Resistance

Precarious robed men distribute propaganda
Armed bandits on the street
Their Islamic filth stains the land of the Westerner.