by Svolder

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released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Svolder Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Inbred Saracens of Iraq and the Levant
Sharia patrols
In the Schengen of Iraq and the Levant
"Dominate the docile new world"

Infernal seeds
Strewn about the lands
Harvesting landmines for generations

All must fight the scourge of the Saracen
Muslim infiltration of the age

Destitute at the empty well
Scrounging for discount tools of terror
Photographing enemies' empty shells
Militants pose with plastic weapons

Laymen at max capacities
Striking wounded enemies
Death squads of submissives set prisoners ablaze
No plumbing
Inside the Saracens' Inbred State

Cavemen at max capacities
Hiking Europe's boundaries
Tight ammunition rations
Corruption and failure
Inside the Saracens' Inbred State
Track Name: Prophecies of the Aorta
Disabled herds descend,
Crossing the sands of Arabia without elegance

Dismay upon windswept hills,
Muhammad's dim-witted soldiers with rags for clothes

Fumbling with swords,
Vision obscured by tattered garments

Scurrying from sewers in Medina,
Chasing ill-fated prophecies in Khaybar

Rodents of the Crescent
Common thieves,
Swindlers and vagrants
Unkempt jesters and donkeyfuckers
Grandfathers of the Hadith

Removing the guide of angelic light
Wandering blind in blackened foresight
To feast upon the affliction with a grin,
Ingest ye the ails of her Kosher venom

Fallen is the Crescent
The apostle of Allah is dead
Drowned in a cesspool is the organ
From the aorta,
All life was shed

Deceived is the bearer of revelation
Bloated by the fruits of his legacy
Drained of his poisoned marrow

Praise his foreseeing guidance
Praise his undeliverance of heir
Praise the fury and the scorn of Aisha
Masses torn into false sects